The Little Bird

A little bird flew to a far-off place, and in a foreign land, she was blessed with a baby chick.  She held her tiny offspring to her breast, as a tiny tear ran down her face.

“My dear child.” She whispered. “Your body is frail, and you will never spread your wings and fly away but when I look into your eyes and hold you close, I feel an incredible love.  In your eyes I see your need.”

“Take me mother and show me the wonders of this world.  Let us enjoy together blue skies and sunny days, and when weary let us find repose neath leafy trees.  Let me know of other birds who will fold me in their wings and help me on my way, so that others may share with you my care.”

When the baby bird was still a chick his mother took him back to the land from which she hailed. Life was not easy for the young mother, she had to forsake all the things of life she had before thought so important.  No longer could she spread her wings and fly away at will, tasting of all the sweet berries that always tempted her so.  Her days and nights belonged to the tiny bird who looked for her for his every need.

Her love for the little one was so strong, and despite constantly caring for him she felt no bitterness, but instead she found that within herself she had a brave, strong heart, that grew from a flicker into a bright light.

It was said the little bird would not touch the earth for long but such was his mothers care and the strong spirit of the little one, that he continued to flourish and grow, despite many illnesses that threatened to be his last.

Mother bird kept every promise to her son.  She took him to places where he was most happy.  He felt warm sun on his face and experienced with awe the changing of the seasons.  Mother made him a cosy nest in a garden planted with wonderous things.  In the spring, yellow flowers would turn their pretty faces to the light, and in summer strong vibrant colours would spring from the earth.  Winter could blanket all in a white carpet, and other birds would leave their footprints in the snow.

He was truly happy, for he was so loved, and his mother drew to her many other birds who embraced them both.  They were drawn to them both by the warm glow of their goodness.  One day mother bird awoke to find her son was in that long sleep, we know as the passing.  Such were the cries of the little mother that they carried to all the corners of the universe and all the birds who knew her came to call.  They saw her heart was broken and each one tried to console the poor mother.  They brought her little gifts hoping to lift her spirits, but all seemed fruitless.

It seemed the little mother was so sad; she would never be the same again.  But something happened.  Day by day she became a little stronger and started to live again.  She left the nest, where she had always sheltered her baby and went to the garden he loved.  In this precious place she found again the miracle of life.  The sun shone on the golden faces of the daffodils, as a gentle breeze rustled through young sapling trees, that swayed in a joyful dance of spring.  She perched upon a chair for she was weary from her gentle pain, and as she closed her eyes she heard a gentle tinkling like a tiny bell, and she knew in her heart and soul that her baby was with the angels.

All around she felt his presence and her heart leapt with joy, for in her minds eye she saw him flying above the trees.  His wings were now outstretched, and best of all from his throat came the most beautiful song.  He gave blessings to his mother who had nurtured him, and with great joy, he sang a song of freedom, and thanked her for letting him go!

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