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This page has been updated on 25/03/2020 in accordance with new ICO/CNIL Cookie policy, released on 3 July 2019,  as part of GDPR (General Data Protection Rules).

As the User of my website, there is no need to enter any personal information. However, your IP address (Internet Protocol) may be used to help diagnose problems with the server and to administer the site.

Cookies are small text files that your browser downloads and stores on your device. This anonymous data is stored separately from any personal information you may provide, therefore making it impossible to connect it to any particular person. They are used to improve the website and services. Denise Bloom does not use Cookies to store information such as email addresses, telephone numbers or any other personal information you may provide.

In most instances, the Cookies used on my website are simply session Cookies that are deleted once you leave the website. They allow the website to recognise your computer when you access the website by recognising your IP address. Cookies are also used to help with tools such as Google Analytics.

There are two types of cookies set by WordPress.

  1. Session cookies – These are ‘strictly necessary’ cookies, as WordPress will not be able to function without them.
  2. Comment cookies – These are not ‘strictly necessary’ cookies and are set when users leave a comment on a post.

Cookie types on this site

  • wordpress_[hash] is used to store the authentication details on login. The authentication details include the username and double hashed copy of the password. The usage of this cookie is limited to the admin console area, the backend dashboard of the website. It cannot be seen on the front end of the website, even when logged in.
  • wordpress_logged_in_[hash] is used to indicate when you are logged in, and who you are. This is cookie maintained on the front end of the website as well, when logged in. Here, the [hash] represents the value that is obtained by applying a specific mathematical formula to the username and password. This is to ensure that the input values are safe and no one can access this data using the cookies.
  • WordPress_test_cookie is set by WordPress to check whether cookies are enabled to provide the proper user experience.

WordPress Comment Cookies

WordPress also sets cookies for people who comment on the website. WordPress sets cookies on users’ devices when they leave a comment on this website. The cookies are used to remember the users, so that the values are automatically filed in the corresponding fields and the user doesn’t have to enter their details every time they want to leave a comment.

  • comment_author_[hash] – This is set to remember the value entered into the comment form’s name field.
  • comment_author_email_[hash] – This is set to remember the value entered into the comment form’s email field.
  • comment_author_url_[hash] – This is set to remember the value entered into the comment form’s URL field.

The cookies set for the commenters are persistent cookies and are set for almost a year.

  • Wp-settings-{time}-[UID] – This is seen on the front end of the website, when logged in as an administrator. The value represented by UID is the individual user ID.

If you go to my Facebook account

Facebook pixels are sometimes used to find out what type of visitor comes to the website and who likes my Facebook page. This enables me to create advertising that appeals to my customers and any potential customers. I do not collect any specific personal information about any of my Users. Click here to find out more about Facebook cookies.

If you go into my Instagram account

Instagram uses cookies, pixels, local storage, and similar technologies to show you relevant content, improve your experience, and help protect Instagram and its users. Click here to find out more.

If you go into my Twitter account

Twitter uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as pixels or local storage, to help provide you with a better, faster, and safer experience. Click here to find out more.

If you go onto YouTube from my site

YouTube is used by the website to store and show video content. These cookies are set by YouTube to track usage of its services. The YouTube cookies are only installed when you press play. Click here to find out more.

If you would like to prevent the placement of cookies on or remove cookies from your device, please access the Settings or Preferences of your browser or contact your browser provider. Please be advised that if you block or remove cookies from your computer, the website may not recognise your computer and you may not have access to all parts of the website.

The Privacy Policy only covers the use of Cookies by Denise Bloom and my website – – it does not cover the use of Cookies by any other third party or advertisers.

You can find out more about Cookies, including how to see what Cookies have been set and how to manage or delete them at

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