Interview with Vanessa Whyte author.

Vanessa Whyte is a writer of two published novels.

Hi Vanessa, thank you for joining me on my blog.

  1. My first question has to be what is the genre you write in?

Vanessa: It can be called reality magic or urban fantasy. It is set in the real world with a sprinkle of magic.

2. So why fantasy?

Vanessa: It is what I like to read. It catches my imagination and there is a wide scope to create mythical beasts and worlds.

3. When did you start writing?

Vanessa: I started writing when we moved as a family to France. I started to attend a writing group run by the author Clara Challoner Walker. I soon realised that I got a lot of pleasure from the process.

4.Are you the solitary writer?

Vanessa: I think you do have to have peace and quiet but I also have support from a group writers cramp. I also have a writing buddy, another author who encourages me to write. We will write chapters then read aloud to each other. It is very important for others to hear your voice.

5. Do you have a special place to write?

Vanessa: I am very lucky I have an antique desk bought as a present. The zone is peaceful and I am totally relaxed there.

6. Do tell me about your books.

Vanessa: I have published two of a trilogy. The Lightning Tree is the story of a young Arabella and her family. A spell is cast upon her and it takes love and good magic to set her free. The Family Tree goes back in time to where the magic began. It is of a medieval time with wizards and witches.

7. What are you currently writing?

Vanessa: I am currently writing the final book in the trilogy. The Ash Tree.

Arabella is grown with a family. This book about the final battle between good and evil.

Thank you Vanessa

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