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Denise Bloom – The Ladies of Whitechapel

The Ladies of Whitechapel

My passion for the enigma of Jack the Ripper has led me to write about other murders that were not accredited to him in the year 1888. The four stories are fictional stories intertwined with a few true events. The women lived and died in Whitechapel London 1888. The police at that time did not believe that they were victims of Jack the Ripper but never found any other assailant. I have my own idea who were responsible for the murders and there is a thread through the four stories.

There have been many interpretations of who Jack the Ripper was and who his victims were. This is my perception of what happened in Whitechapel at the end of the century.

“Down in the dark. Away from the hustle and bustle of Whitechapel High Street, 1888, four women live their lives. Someone is watching, someone is waiting. Four fictional tales of the forgotten women of Whitechapel. From heiress to whore, from wife to murderer, four woven tales of women struggling to survive the harsh terror of Jack the Ripper’s Victorian London.”

The Ladies of Whitechapel is available from Amazon in either Kindle or paperback versions.

The Invisible Woman

Heather is a fifty something wife and mother. She lives in a neat semi with her husband and disabled mother-in-law. Life is passing her by and she feels the world has turned its back on her. She needs to feel alive, she needs to fight back at the injustice that seems to be surrounding her.

The Invisible Woman is available on Amazon in either Kindle or paperback versions.

The Invisible Woman – D L Bloom

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Denise Bloom

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